Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We have a new house!!!
*happy dance*
It's a 4 bedroom bungalow on a very quiet street in a really great neighborhood in Wasaga. It's about 2000sq.ft. and the lot is freaking ginormous. 60ft wide and just under 200ft deep. The backyard is amazing! All fenced in, with some mature trees, and really private since we only have 1 neighbour on one side. There's a deck too, 12ft x 20ft. It's the perfect home for us and we are all so excited! Nick is excited to move back to Wasaga, because it is close to his dad, and he has friends there. Noah keeps asking when we get to go live in our "bigger house" lol.
We have to wait for our house to sell, but it shouldn't be long, John (our realtor) says it'll sell quick. We have a bunch of showings happening, so we're going crazy keeping this place spotless. Joe is steam cleaning the carpets as I type this, and Ains is passed out in my arms nursing..obviously the noise of the steam cleaner does not bother her. The boys are sleeping down in my moms room since we're cleaning the stairs.
I can't wait for next summer, the yard is big enough to have a couple tents set up, and of course a fire campouts with the kids! I CAN'T WAIT!
My arm is asleep and I'm on the phone so I'm gonna go..Joe and I are taking turns with the steam cleaner

Monday, October 15, 2007


Life is wonderful at the moment. Things may be hectic with getting the house ready to sell, and we may be a little stressed out because we're a little tight on money, but life is wonderful.
I have 3 beautiful children, who I love more than anything in this world. They make it worth getting out of bed everyday..even when they are acting like total maniacs!
I have the best husband ever. He works hard to support us, and even though he's tired at the end of the work day, he's willing to help out with the household chores..hell he OFFERS to help, and insists on helping even when I tell him to relax. He does get a little bitchy when under stress..but who doesn't? I am so blessed to have a man like him :)
I am so excited to buy our new home, and to start fresh in a new place. I am wishing so hard that we can be in our new place for Christmas. I wish Kim would move to Wasaga lol, that would be perfect..I'd have my two best friends close by. It'll be like old times again with Amy, going for late night drives around the beach, going out for karaoke, taking the kids to the park at beach 5 to play *sigh* I wish next summer would hurry up and get here.
I never knew my life would be this great! It may have it's ups and downs, but everything balances out perfectly.

Monday, October 1, 2007


  • Noah woke up puking and pooping yesterday morning..t'was fun
  • Ainsley got extemely ill last night and ended up going to the hospital by ambulance..she's home and feeling much better now
  • I'm sick now -ugh- been throwing up but thanks to gravol I have got it under control
  • I have a lot of different feelings about our wedding..I've heard some stuff over the past week that has me wondering about a lot of things. Especially inviting people in place of family members only to find out they trash talked me every chance they got. Joe is beyond pissed off about it, and I'm just hurt.
  • I seriously can't wait to get the fuck out of this city, I have so many good memories of living in Wasaga, and some really great friends there who I can't wait to reconnect with. I also can't wait to start going to the Early Years Center there again, it's so much better than the one here in Barrie.
  • My mom has traded her car in for a mini-van..more for our benefit lol My lease is up in another month or two, so I'll be trading our car in for something small and good on gas for my mom to use...since she pretty much got the van for us. My mom rocks.
  • I think my cat is knocked up..she got out once and since then has become an escape artist..after she has the kittens (if she is indeed pregnant) we will def. be getting her fixed..we would have doneit sooner but didn't have the money for it
  • I am so tired, but lately I've been having serious insomnia..a lot of things have been bothering me and I tend to lay in bed at night thinking about them..which only makes it hurt even more..but I'm strong and can get over it
  • I am ending this and am going to go lay in bed and try to get some sleep..I feel like puking again so hopefully I can just sleep it off.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

City Life A'int For Us...

....So we're getting the fuck out of here..hopefully in the next year!
Wasaga Beach here we come..ahhh HOME!
We can get a house there in our price range twice the size of one we could get here..we've already started looking to see what we can get.
I am so excited! HOME! I get to hang out with my Amy on a daily basis if I wanted, ahh I'm excited!
Ainsley is calling for my boobs, she's cranky due to teething, and I have Noah with a high temp and a headache so that's all I have to write
Just wanted to share the news, I'm excited. When we lived in Wasaga, I would take the kids swimming at least 5 times a week on the hot days. Nick was a little waterbaby at 2 years old..-sigh- I wish it could happen right now!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some wedding pictures

These aren't the good pictures..but I was messing around in photoshop this evening and made a collage of some of the pictures Chris and April took with their camera:

I'm feeling too crappy to write out all the details of the wedding..but I promise I'll get around to it sometime soon...I want the good pics to go with it tho *hint Taylor hint*
Anyway..I'm off to bathe my poor sick baby and then hopefully go to sleep for the night!
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It's late, I'm tired but as usual can't sleep.
Ains and I are both sick..this is her first cold and she's also getting a tooth.
I'm feeling really down lately, I don't know what it is, but I need to work through it before i go into full blown depression mode again. -sigh-
The wedding was great (aside from Joe's parents and grandparents missing the ceremony) but the weekend sucked.
Things just went to shit..ugh ains is up so I have to cut this short

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm married

I'm married..the wedding was great..except for Joe's parents and grandparents missing the ceremony because they got lost. That sucked big time.
It was a long day, and I love my friends!
Taylor took like a bajillionb pictures, and I am so thankful for her for doing that! She's good with a camera so I know my wedding pictures are going to rock.
Amy is also an awesome friend! And Jen, and Kim, and yea I'm half saslepp and a little buzzed frmo the champagne and hpt jacuzzi. You can probably tell i've given up on corecting my tyupos, i'm so freaking tired
I think i am going to go cuddle my HUSBAND! lol feels weird to say that
i'll post pics tomorrow